Promontory of Capo d'Orlando and its surroundings

Cape d'Orlando, heavenly beaches, clear sea and warm evening atmosphere and great food

Capo d'Orlando is a town that developed as a fishing village and is now a small summer tourist resort. It faces onto the central-northern coastline of Sicily close to a promontory dominated by an ancient lighthouse that towers above the town's beach. The town currently makes it living primarily from summer tourism thanks to its numerous spectacular beaches that feature a clean uncontaminated sea with reflections that range from cobalt blue to emerald green.

  • Capo D'Orlando Lungomare Andrea Doria town coastline free beach of sand, shingle and grey pebbles, crystal-clear water
  • Capo D'Orlando San Gregorio several very scenic sections of free beach of sand mixed with shingle characterised by many recesses and coves
  • Capo D'Orlando Testa di Monaco free fully equipped beach of grey golden sand, crystal-clear sea
  • Capo D'Orlando Ponte Naso free beach of sand and shingle long and open with crystal-clear sea

To visit: Villa Piccolo di Calanovella where Tomasi di Lampedusa wrote "Il Gattopardo" today home to a small museum, Monte della Madonna from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aeolian Islands.