The Reserve of the mouth of the river Irminio and its surroundings

The beaches of the natural oasis of the river Irminio, of Playa Grande and Donnalucata

The Nature Reserve of the River Irminio was established in 1985 and is located halfway between Donnalucata and Marina di Ragusa. It is a small protected oasis which extends along the coastline for about 2 km. At the entrance you will find a stone house belonging to the Forest ranger. Continuing on for another few hundred metres among reeds and the Mediterranean maquis you reach the picturesque African style sand dunes which border the fine sandy golden beach of the reserve. It is prohibited to stop or swim in the protected area of the oasis, but crossing the small river to the opposite bank it is possible to bathe in the fresh crystal clear water of the area.

Shortly before the Reserve is the long beach of Playa Grande with fine golden sand and turquoise sea. Behind the beach are the Mediterranean maquis and several holiday homes and villas. The beach is partly free and partly lidos.

Other beaches of the area

Donnalucata: Micenci, Palo Bianco, Palo Rosso and Spinasanta form a long beach of over 6 km which reaches as far as Cava d’Aliga. The first section is more popular; the further on you go the larger sections you find of almost deserted beach. The breakwaters that protect the coastline are highly characteristic. They create sections of protected sea which are ideal for children. The sand is fine and golden; the sea is crystalline and turquoise.
Donnalucata: Ponente, bordered by the pier of Donnalucata port and by the cliff which leads towards Playa Grande, is small and welcoming. The sand is fine and golden and the sea is clean and crystal clear.

Villas near to The Reserve of the mouth of the river Irminio and its surroundings