Novara di Sicilia

Novara di Sicilia, an ancient village hanging between the mountains of the Nebrodi and the Peloritani

Novara di Sicilia is a small and charming village situated at the edge of the Nebrodi and the Peloritani mountains, on the slope of the mountain overlooking Tindari. The village is surrounded by an enchanting natural landscape downline of an imposing rocky spur: the Rocca Salvatesta, which is 1340 metres high. Its tiny mushroomed houses, the network of its often arched narrow lanes and alleys, its decorated facades, the elegance of its palazzi and its opulent churches give Novara di Sicilia and its town layout a unique charm which is medieval in character. The old Castello Saraceno, which is in ruins today, was built upon a still magnificent cliff despite inconsiderate modern constructions on its top. From the top of the cliff the large valley descending towards the sea can be greatly appreciated. In the background towards the horizon one can view the Aeolian islands.