The seaside village of Donnalucata

Donnalucata a charming seaside village of Sicily on the Mediterranean Sea

Donnalucata is a small old fishing village in the south-east of the island near Ragusa. It has become a popular tourist destination thanks to its two magnificent beaches, Ponente and Micenci and its promenade, which has become famous for being the place where Commissioner Montalbano's "takes a stroll". The popular Italian TV series has now achieved worldwide fame. The name of the village comes from the Arab Ain -lu Kat which literally means source of the hours. Indeed, there appeared to be a source that emitted sweet water only during the hours of prayer. Sources along the Donnalucata coastline still emit sweet water; the most evident is on Micenci beach. The village has recently undergone significant development thanks to tourism and today several craft shops, bars, pubs and friendly trattorias serving fresh fish make the atmosphere warm and lively, especially in summer. Donnalucata has one of the best artisan ice cream parlours in Sicily, "Blue Moon", which is on a side-street off the promenade.

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