Palazzolo Acreide

Palazzolo Acreide, from Greek to Baroque architecture

It is towards Palazzolo Acreide that you should rather direct your steps as you will not only appreciate its eighteenth century appearance, but you will also be seduced by the ruins dating to the Greek period. (Gesualdo Bufalino)
Palazzolo Acreide is one of the baroque villages belonging to the “Iblean Mountain Valley” that figure in the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. Located within the province of Siracusa, Palazzolo Acreide is an important historic and cultural site, functioning as a significant historic-cultural reference site in eastern Sicily. Of great importance are its baroque and art nouveau Palazzi, its numerous baroque churches, its Greek theatre, and the delicious flavours of genuine Iblean gastronomy. This is one of the most ancient archaeological areas in the whole of Italy. Its urban network has been almost fully preserved and you can still observe the various historic layers that have succeeded each other: from the Siculian necropolis, dating back to the XII century, to the ruins of the Greek polis, as well as the subsequent reconstructions initiated by the Romans and the Byzantines. The Greek Theatre in Palazzolo is still used today for classical performances during the International Festival of Classical Theatre for Young People that takes place every year in the month of May. Another important monument in Palazzolo is the “House Museum Antonino Uccellofounded by the distinguished poet and anthropologist A. Uccello. This is a regional ethnographic museum where faithful reconstuctions of peasant living spaces, manor farms, olden oil-mills, as well as a splendid collection of Sicilian puppets (“pupi”) are on display. This allows visitors to re-experience these ancient atmospheres which would have otherswise disappeared forever. In Palazzolo it is possible to taste and buy excellent local produce such as “Monti Iblei” D.O.P. oil, local honey, organic mushrooms, local cheese and sausages. You will have a chance to relish in the renowned Palazzolo gastronomy in the many popular restaurants spread around the village. This type of cooking is renowned because it still maintains the genuine flavour of traditional Sicilian cooking. On 29th June Palazzolo celebrates his patron Saints Peter and Paul with a big religious and very old festival.

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