Torre Salsa WWF Reserve

Torre Salsa WWF Reserve, olive groves that slope down to a wild beach of immense beauty

The WWF oasis of Torre Salsa extends between Siculiana Marina and Eraclea Minoa in the province of Agrigento, in an uncontaminated territory where gypsum cliffs alternate with lime marls and where the sea turtle "Caretta Caretta" reproduces undisturbed.
The Oasis occupies 762 hectares in which gypsum cliffs plunge into a sea with seabeds rich in flora and fauna and some of the most beautiful, wild and uncontaminated beaches of Sicily. Inside the Reserve olive trees and vineyards are grown, there are a few old shepherd and farmer constructions and some have been transformed into holiday homes. Access to the Reserve is by a rather impervious dirt road but it is worth it when you reach the magnificent beach of golden sand lapped by a fresh and crystal clear sea with shades that go from green aquamarine, to turquoise, as far as cobalt blue. Enjoy the breathtaking evening sunsets. Inside the oasis is a small wetland area and the Torre Salsa, an ancient watch tower.

Villas near to Torre Salsa WWF Reserve