San Vito Lo Capo, Macari and surroundings

The wonderful Caribbean beaches of San Vito Lo Capo and immediate surroundings

San Vito Lo Capo was born at the end of the eighteenth century, within the state-owned territory of Erice at the foot of Monte Monaco, along the super white sandy bay between Capo San Vito and Punta Solanto. The village extended around the current Sanctuary, an ancient fortress which has undergone several architectural changes throughout the centuries. The first building, which was built around the fourteenth century, was a small chapel dedicated to Saint Vitus Martyr, the patron saint of the seaside village. Today, San Vito is among the most renowned and important tourist towns in Sicily, thanks to its very famous and very white beach, its uncontaminated blue sea and to the numerous beaches to visit along its coast:

  • San Vito: long strip of fine white sand in the shape of a half moon, with lidos
  • Makari: small beach of sand and shingle, emerald coloured sea
  • Santa Margherita: free sandy beach, reachable on foot or by a local electric train
  • A Chianca: free beach, fine golden sand
  • Agliareddi: small beach of sand, shingle and pebbles, emerald coloured crystal clear sea
  • Punta Bucerno: small beach of sand and shingle

    Other beautiful beaches are found in the nearby Zingaro Nature Reserve.

    San Vito also offers the opportunity of savouring its local seafood gastronomy: its avenues are lined by numerous trattorie, restaurants, patîsseries, and ice-cream parlours to satisfy all tastes. Since 1998, in the month of September, San Vito has hosted the “Cous Cous Fest”, an international food and culture festival for the Mediterranean. It takes the form of an international gastronomic competition centred around cous cous which brings together chefs from 8 countries: Ivory Coast, France, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Palestine, Senegal and Tunisia. All chefs compete against each other on the diversity of their cous-cous culinary tradition. Among other events to be signalled is the international kite festival in May, which displays very rare and multicoloured kites from all over the world.

Villas near to San Vito Lo Capo, Macari and surroundings