Scala dei Turchi

The White Cliffs of Scala dei Turchi

Realmonte is a little village resting on a flat stretch of land surrounded by fertile farmland cultivated with vineyards, almond and olive trees. This place is only a few kilometres away from one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in Sicily. Documented evidence about the village’s origins date from the XVII century, precisely from 1681, when Don Domenico Monreale obtained a license to build in the territory of Realmonte. The Dukes of Castrofilippo were the village lords during the XVIII and the XIX century. From a cultural point of view, Realmonte should be remembered for its Chiesa Madre named after Saint Dominic and its Tower of Monterosso. The coastline along Realmonte includes the beach of Punta Bianca, Capo Rossello and the enchanting Scala dei Turchi (“Turkish Steps”). Scala dei Turchi rises between the beach and the chalky hills that mark off this stretch of coast. It is a marl cliff, a sedimentary fine-grained rock formed by limestone and clay characterised by a distinctively pure white colour, which wind and rain have modelled into a natural staircase. Such uniquely shaped cliff rises in between two fine sand beaches, and you need to walk along the shore and clamber up a steep slope that resembles a huge natural limestone staircase in order to access it. Once you’ve reached the clifftop your view marvellously embraces the entire Agrigento coastline. It is a spectacular vision as the almost blinding white colour of the soft rock under daylight intermingles with the blue of the sky and the sea: real paradise.
Don't miss a visit to the salt mines (still in operation) and to the Cathedral carved by the miners at a depth of 100 m. You descend by minibus and travel through the tunnels and passages, in groups of 30 only on the last Wednesday of each month.

  • Realmonte Baia di Capo Rossello formed by two fine golden sandy beaches: the city beach is more crowded, the other is more secluded and reachable in 15 minutes on foot. A few kiosks rent deck chairs and beach umbrellas
  • Le Pergole fine golden sandy beach beside the promontory of the Torre di Monterosso. A kiosk rents deck chairs, beach umbrellas and pedalos
  • Realmonte Scala dei Turchi a famous promontory formed by white cliffs surrounded by two fine golden sandy beaches
Scala dei Turchi has become very famous and is the destination of many tourists who, in summer, add to the residents and make the places very crowded above all in July and August and during weekends. We recommend visiting on weekdays and in the months of May, June, September and October.

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