The most beautiful beaches of north-eastern Sicily

The best beaches of north-eastern Sicily, the most popular and the most secret

The beaches of north-eastern Sicily are generally composed of coarse-grained sand or sand mixed with gravel or pebbles of various dimensions and almost always grey. This section of coast, in the north on the Tyrrhenian Sea and in the east on the Ionian Sea, has few bays. The beaches have little shelter and are on the open sea, so they are often long and straight. In the areas of Capo D'Orlando, Capo Milazzo, Capo Calavà and Taormina the coast is more jagged and has natural bays. In these sections of coast there are small sheltered beaches of different shapes. The sea is clean and crystal clear along the entire coast.
  • Capo D'Orlando city coastline free beach of sand, shingle and grey pebbles, crystal clear water
  • Capo D'Orlando San Gregorio various sections of free beach of mixed sand characterised by many incisions and bays
  • Capo D'Orlando Testa di Monaco free beach of grey golden sand, crystal clear sea
  • Capo D'Orlando Ponte Naso free beach of sand and shingle, long and open, crystal clear sea
  • Gioiosa Marea free beach of sand mixed with shingle, crystal clear sea
  • San Giorgio two free beaches of sand and fine grey shingle, crystal clear clean sea
  • Mongiove Grotte Beach free beach with small bar, long strip of sand and fine grey shingle with large stones that act as breakwaters, crystal clear and clean sea
  • Reserve of Marinello Lakes - Oliveri vast beach, mixed grey golden sand with different lidos, crystal clear sea
  • Milazzo Lido di Ponente vast and beautiful beach of sand and grey shingle, crystal clear turquoise sea, partly free and partly lido
  • Alì Terme Capo Alì isolated and quiet beach, grey sand mixed with fine shingle, crystal clear and clean sea
  • Taormina Mazzarò beautiful beach of mixed sand, lido
  • Taormina Giardini Naxos (Recanati, San Giovanni, Schisò, Saja) long beach, in the central section golden sand (Schisò), at the ends sand mixed with shingle and stones, partly free and partly lido
  • Taormina Spisone beach of shingle and stones, partly free and partly lido
  • Taormina Isola Bella Nature Reserve beach of sand and shingle, free on one side, lido and umbrellas on the other
  • Taormina Villagonia free beach of pebbles and grey stones, crystal clear sea
  • Taormina Mazzeo beach of shingle, partly free and partly lido
  • San Marco di Calatabiano beach of pebbles, beautiful and quiet, crystal clear sea
  • Fiumefreddo Marina di Cottone beautiful beach of sand and shingle, Blue Flag of Legambiente, crystal clear sea
  • Acireale Torre Pozzillo small golden sandy beach
  • Mascali Fondachello long free beach of pebbles of various dimensions, crystal clear sea
  • Catania Playa 3 kilometres of sandy city beach with different bathing establishments
  • Agnone Bagni long sandy beach, partly free and partly lido