Torre Salsa Nature Reserve

Torre Salsa is an oasis protected by the WWF with isolated and wild beaches

An uncontaminated stretch of coast extends between Siculiana Marina and Ericlea Minoa within the Nature Oriented Reserve of Torre Salsa, where chalky white cliffs of gypsum alternate with limestone marls which are, now and then, covered with layers of clay. The territory of the Reserve of Torre Salsa extends over 761.62 hectares and belongs to the province of Agrigento, within the the municipality of Siculiana. Only at times does the grassy and shrubby vegetation that covers this wild environment make it practicable to access the splendid beach though narrow and rocky trails. Including 6 km of beach, this territory connects the sea to the mainland. The sea is crystal clear and its seabed teems with wildlife. The ancient watchtower of Torre Salsa is situated in the very heart of this oasis and dominates the top of a small promontory where the process of erosion is more intense, and from which the white limestone marl gleams. In the shallow sea, an uneven rocky slab shapes countless paths where tiny fishes dart swiftly between the seaweeds and slow shellfish finds shelter. Along this stunning stretch of Sicilian coast one can also admire steep cliffs, huge sand dunes and secluded beaches, which are favourite destinations for lovers of crystal clear waters.

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