Terms & Conditions

Rental Agreement

  • 1. RENTAL
    The rent is concluded in the name and on behalf of the owner or the person responsible for the property, at the prices and conditions stated on the web site Hitsicily.com. Hitsicily is a trademark of A&D SRL with registered office in Palermo (Italy) - Via Telamone 5 - VAT N°. 05882830820 - Economic Administrative Index PA- 282043
    Clients can make reservations and services related to them exclusively through the web site Hitsicily.com. The reservation implies the knowledge and acceptance without restrictions of the terms and conditions included in this document, and also of the extensions of the rules where present on the specific properties visible on the property file.
    After receiving an e-mail confirming availability of the property, the client must pay a deposit either via bank transfer or credit card, of 40% of the total amount due. Upon receipt of such payment, the client will be sent a booking confirmation via e-mail.
    A) The payment of the balance for villas and apartments must be made at least 60 days prior to commencement of the rental period. In the event of last minute bookings, the payment must be made concurrently with the booking with two distinct payments, one for the deposit and one for the balance.
    B) The deposit can be paid by credit card or bank transfer to A&D.
    C) The balance must be paid directly to the owner only by bank transfer, no other types of payment are accepted. If the client, for his own reasons, cannot make the bank transfer to the owner, he will lose the right to the booking and the paid deposit will not be returned
    D) For some special cases, on request of the client upon booking, A&D reserves the right to accept the payment of the balance with payment of cash on arrival at the booked property, upon acceptance by the owner. Where this is not possible, the payment conditions at point C) remain valid.
    Upon receipt of the balance or deposit (only in the case of payment of balance on site), the voucher and stay documents will be available in the area reserved to the client.

    The minimum rental period varies from property to property. The property file specifies the minimum rental period depending on the season. The prices published on the site are established according to market conditions and in agreement with the owner or person in charge. The published rental prices are calculated per day or per week according to the property, as clearly indicated in the table of prices. All prices are inclusive of the services included in the property and specifically described and are divided according to the seasons as set out on the site. Any other extra obligatory services not included in the published price, must be paid for in advance or, in some cases, directly to the owner or person in charge in cash in Euros on arrival. The extra obligatory services are described on the website as well as on the voucher. Hitsicily reserves the right to change the prices of its properties at any given time. No additional sum will be charged to a client who has already booked and paid the fee for a property, whose rental rates have subsequently increased. In the case of properties which include more housing units with different price ranges and which can be rented separately, the client only has the right to use the unit he has requested, the other units will remain closed and unavailable. These units can be opened and made available only if the client pays the amount corresponding to the rent for that unit for the period envisaged and only if the owner is able to make it available.

    Weekly rentals start on Saturdays. The check-in time for all properties is between 3pm and 7pm. In some cases the check-in time may be subject to change. Some properties charge a supplementary obligatory fee for check-in after 7pm. This must be paid in cash on arrival to the owner or person in charge. The arrival time must be communicated to HitSicily upon reservation on the check-in form found on the reserved guest area, so that the owner, or his representative, can make the necessary arrangements for the guests’ arrival. Failure by the client to communicate an arrival time may result in problems up to the non-availability of the keys to the property for which Hitsicily, the owner or person in charge are in no way responsible. If the client arrives to the property after 7pm without having previously informed the owner or the person in charge, there may be problems with taking possession of the property. The check-out time for villas and apartments is by 10am on the agreed departure date. Clients must, without fail, leave the property by this time unless otherwise agreed upon with the owner or welcome manager. Failing to respect the departure time causes subsequent problems for new clients. For this reason, clients who leave the property after the specified time are subject to a penalty of up to 200 Euros for inconvenience caused to the new clients. In the event of payment of a deposit, this amount will be retained from this.
    After making a reservation, any change of arrival date must be communicated to HitSicily and approved by it at least 7 days in advance. For villas and apartments where advance payment is required, no refund will be given for any reduction in the rental period. In case of unforeseen delay on the day of arrival, the client must send an e-mail or call the owner or person in charge to inform him of the delay and make a new appointment. If the owner or person in charge, who has not been previously advised, cannot be contacted and informed of a different arrival date, or if the owner or person in charge is unable to accept this change, the client is responsible for any expenses related to spending the night in alternative accommodation. There is no reimbursment of either deposits or balances for cancellations of bookings for villas or apartments.
    Upon arrival at the property the client must give the voucher to the owner or person in charge, even if not specifically requested to do so. Failure to present the voucher may result in poor service for which the owner or the welcome manager will not be held responsible. The voucher contains any extra services to pay on site. These services are also published on the website. Without a voucher or if they are not described in the voucher, the publication of the services in the price table of the booked property shall prevail. The client is required to pay the amount due for the extra services not included in the price on his arrival in cash in Euros. If this should not occur in full or in part, the owner can retain the sums due from the deposit.
    Where a security deposit is required, the client must pay the sum requested in cash, in Euros, on his arrival to the owner or person in charge, as specified in the description of the property and on the voucher. This deposit will be returned to him upon departure. The cost to repair or purchase any articles that have been damaged by the client will be deducted from this amount. In cases where the damage cannot be estimated immediately on site or both parties are unable to reach an agreement, the owner/person in charge will retain the full amount of the security deposit and send the client an itemised list of the cost of repairs or purchase of the damaged articles requesting, if necessary, an additional amount from the client or returning part of the deposit. The security deposit is due in the amount agreed only if expressly indicated in the description of the property or in the voucher. In every case, the client is always liable for any kind of loss or damage caused to the property or to its contents during their stay. In case of damage, Hitsicily always reserves the right to charge the client for the amount in question. If a client leaves earlier than the agreed date or in the case of a disagreement between the parties, the owner or the person in charge is authorised to return the security deposit by mail or by bank transfer (after deducting expenses for any kind of damage, additional expenses and delivery), only after having checked the property and its contents. The sum will be returned to the client within 60 days from departure. In cases where failure to return the deposit is attributable to the fault of the client, any expenses paid to return it will be deducted from the amount. Some properties are covered by insurance which covers accidental damage caused to persons or items inside the house; it is the client’s responsibility to ask the owner for a copy of the insurance and to check its terms and conditions. Under no circumstances will the owner and Hitsicily be responsible for any damage to persons or items during the stay in the rented premises. Children’s care and safety is the express and exclusive responsibility of the parents/guardians. Under no circumstances can the owner, the person in charge of the property or Hitsicily be considered responsible or liable. Hitsicily declines all responsibility in the case of disputes relating to the security deposit. Quantification of the damage and subsequent agreement must be made between the client and the owner or person in charge of the property.
    Only the number of people written on the voucher is permitted to stay in the property. Their number (adults and children from 3 to 12 years of age) cannot be greater than that of the sleeping capacity indicated in the description. Children from 0 -2 years of age are not considered in the number of people. Children older than 12 are considered adults. Any substitution or addition of people present during the rental period, which was not communicated at the time of the reservation, is strictly forbidden unless previously agreed with Hitsicily. In this case, the owner or welcome manager can reserve the right to refuse entry to the people not previously declared and, under such circumstances, the client has no right to claim from Hitsicily, the owner of the property or the person in charge, reimbursement, in part or in full, of the rental amount already paid. The total number of people may not exceed the maximum foreseen for the property. The person making the reservation is considered for all intents and purposes the leader of the group and represents them all. On arrival at the property, the owner or person in charge will request the identity documents of all the members of the group and will make the group leader sign the rental contract, as established by law in Italy. Upon the failure to release such data, the guests cannot take possession of the property. To reduce the bureaucracy on arrival, it is advisable to provide the general information and identity documents requested of each guest of the group on the HitSicily.com site when booking. If the property accepts pets, the client is required to inform Hitsicily in advance of the size and number. The client is responsible for the behaviour and cleanliness of the animal. If the pet should cause any damage to the property or cause sanitary problems to subsequent guests, the owner of the pet will be fully responsible and will be asked to pay the cost of damage caused to persons or property. In certain cases, pets are accepted only on condition that they remain outside the property, in areas dedicated to them (gardens, cellars, etc.). In such cases, entry of the pet inside the property, for whatever reason, is strictly forbidden.

    Houses are handed over clean and tidy. In some properties, the initial cleaning service is not included in the price; in this case, the service should be paid in cash on-site. This amount does not include, in any case, the removal of garbage and/or large or bulky objects (full sacks, plastic pools, toys, inflatable objects, boxes, glass bottles, etc.…), which is the exclusive responsibility of the client. The disposal must occur according to the rules envisaged by the municipality of reference. If the disposal rules are unknown, it is advisable to ask the owner or welcome manager for information. Failing this, the owner or the person in charge may, at their discretion, charge an extra fee of up to €200 in addition to what is due. This amount will be retained from the security deposit if required or, alternatively, requested from the client. For some properties, part of the electricity consumption is included in the price. If the electricity consumption is higher than the maximum threshold established by that property for the rental period, the client is required to pay the owner the excess electricity consumption in cash. The rate applied by the supply company (ENEL) in Italy, generally varies from 0.35 to 0.55 € kW/h. For some properties, an extra compulsory flat fee is established and must be paid in cash on-site.

  • 11. HEATING
    Given the situation of energy supply and the laws currently in force, the use of heating (period for turning on or off, temperature) is ruled by provisions which vary from one town to another. Generally heating systems may operate from November to April. Consequently, even when heating is included in the rental price, it is intended to be used during that period. If heating is charged according to consumption or as an extra and has not been paid for in advance, the client will pay the owner or the person in charge directly in cash in Euros upon arrival.
    If necessary, the owner or the person in charge reserves the right to allow personnel to enter the property to carry out necessary maintenance work and/or cleaning at times of their choice or, wherever possible, at times agreed with the client if specifically requested by them. At certain properties, as indicated on the web site, personnel responsible for guarding or maintenance of the property live and work on the premises.
    Each property has been visited and periodically inspected by Hitsicily. The descriptions on the web site are correct and drawn up in good faith. Hitsicily therefore declines all responsibility for any changes made without prior notice by the owner or the person in charge which it is unaware of. Where possible, Hitsicily undertakes to resolve with the owner the problems deriving from poor functioning of house installations.
    There is no partial or total refund or change of property envisaged, unless the property is unavailable. If Hitsicily should be forced, due to force majeure or for any other reason beyond its control, to cancel the reservation relating to the property booked by the client, in agreement with the client, it will assign an accommodation of the same class or higher on the condition that it is able to do so. If the price of the alternative property is lower, Hitsicily will refund the difference to the client. In cases where it is not possible to find an alternative property, Hitsicily will only refund the client the price paid for the rental, excluding any other refund. Such a refund will be made within 60 days from the date of stay.
    Many of the properties are private residences, so they may not have the same facilities as a hotel. As such, they have no standards or internationally recognized categories applied to them. The architecture, furniture and facilities reflect the taste and needs of the owner. All the characteristics of the property are described in detail on the website and furnished with photos of almost all the environments, both inside and out. On the Hitsicily website, there are categories of properties with characteristics and prices very different from each other. The client is responsible for his/her choice, so we advise to carefully read all the descriptions of the property or ask for additional information before choosing it. To improve the future quality standard of the properties proposed, Hitsicily gathers the feedback of clients to identify any critical problems present in the property. These can be reported to info@hitsicily.com
    The filling in and sending of the information form and reservation with payment of the amount requested for the property, imply knowledge of the general contract conditions of Hitsicily and their unconditional acceptance. If some conditions of this contract were or should turn out to be not valid or, in the case of an omission, the validity of the remaining conditions may not be called into question.
  • 15. DISPUTES
    For all disputes which should arise following the application, interpretation, validity, enforceability, performance and termination of this contract before initiating any arbitration or judicial proceedings the parties shall attempt conciliation according to Leg. Dec. 28/2010 and subsequent Min. Dec. 180/2010 and subsequent Min. Dec. 145/2011 according to the rules of conciliation of a Body registered with the Minister of Justice. If this attempt of conciliation has a negative outcome or it has not been resolved within 4 months starting from the application for mediation, the dispute will be referred to the competent judicial authority of the Court of Palermo - Italy.
    In conformity with law 679/2016 concerning the protection of personal privacy and handling of personal data, Hitsicily informs that the personal data of clients will be handled for the purposes connected to or instrumental to the company's business. Please view the regulation on the Privacy page of our website