• 01. Use of the site

  • Who is HitSicily and what guarantees does it give me? Why should I trust them?
    You might not be completely sure about booking a villa on the internet, particularly if you've already had a bad experience or have heard of someone that has. So why should you put your trust in us? We will try to explain why. HitSicily is an established company that has been operating in the sector since 2005. Due to our presence in the territory and the experience gained over years of careful research, we have been able to select a range of properties that guarantee both a comfortable and relaxing environment for your stay and from where you can discover the abundance of beautiful places this island has to offer. All of HitSicily's properties are private and are published on the website according to a regularly updated agreement between the company A&D srl and the respective owners. All of the photographs seen on the website have been taken by us, and the descriptions of the properties are also written by our staff. The information contained on the website is updated periodically and we do regular visits to the properties to ensure that our high standards are met and maintained. HitSicily will assist you throughout the booking process and will supply you with all the documentation necessary for your stay. If you have any problems during your stay in Sicily, and if, for some reason the owner is unable to be of assistance we will respond to any queries. We recommend that you read a copy of the terms and conditions.
  • Why don’t I need to sign a contract?
    The contract between HitSicily and the client who decides to rent one of our properties is a standard contract which you can see at the following LINK and is considered binding on both sides at the time that the reservation is confirmed, as is the case for all major companies that operate on the internet. We recommend that you read the contract carefully and contact us in case you need additional information or clarification (terms and conditions).
  • Who do the houses featured on the website belong to?
    All of the houses featured on the website are private. Some are first or second holiday homes belonging to the owners who we represent. The resorts to whom we offer and on-line booking service are independent.
  • I would like to go on holiday in Sicily but I am not sure where. Who can advise me?
    In the section on our website HitSicily you can find detailed information about the characteristics of the different areas in Sicily and view photographs of the most important places to visit. You may also contact us for advice and suggestions. We will be happy to help you to make a choice based upon the type of holiday you have in mind – relaxing, sporty, cultural or naturalistic.
  • How can I find the villa that best suits my requirements?
    From the home page you may select villas according to a range of different criteria such as proximity to the sea, proximity to local amenities, swimming pool, location, etc. All of our staff lives in Sicily and has a detailed personal knowledge of all of the properties featured on our website. They will be pleased to help you find a solution that best meets your requirements.
  • How do I make a reservation for a villa/resort?
    To book one of our properties you need to pay a deposit of 10-30% of the total rental cost depending on the type of property selected. The remaining balance is then paid separately. The specific payment conditions for each property can be found in the property's details on the website.
  • What are the payment methods for renting a villa or hotel?
    The deposit can be paid by bank transfer or in the case of online booking by credit card.either for villas or hotels. The balance payment for villas can only be paid by bank transfer as the amount is paid directly to the owner. The balance payment for hotels depends on each individual hotel policy.
  • Can I check availability of villas on the website?
    To check availability it is necessary to contact us. You may send us an e-mail or call us to obtain information in real- time, without any obligation to book.
  • Do you also arrange flights and car hire?
    We do not organize flights and car-hire directly, however, you can find a section of our website dedicated to arranging your journey to Sicily which contains details of all flights available from your country to Sicily, timetables, prices and the possibility of making reservations. This section also contains similar information for car-hire companies which operate in Palermo, Catania and Trapani airports.
  • Are your villas located only in Sicily or also in other regions of Italy?
    HitSicily specialises in Sicily. We have a physical presence in Sicily which enables us to be your eyes and ears in the territory, propose properties or services that we know very well and can monitor in order to offer you only the very best.
  • What can I do on HitSicily?
    You can view details of all of the properties in our portfolio – descriptions, photographs, prices and details of services. You can choose the ideal villa for your holiday in Sicily, see which airport is nearest to your villa and select and book your flight and hire car at the most convenient price. You can discover what there is to visit in the area where the villa is located, the most beautiful places to visit, beaches, nature reserves, recommended restaurants and the things not to be missed. You can access the clients’ area of the site via a password to check the status of your reservation, information relating to the property, details of the person responsible for welcoming you, directions to the property, etc. When your holiday is over, you may leave your comments and help us to further improve the services that we offer.
  • 02. Payment

  • How do I pay?
    The accepted payment method for all advanced payments is bank transfer. Usually the deposit is paid to HitSicily and the remaining balance is paid directly to the owner of the property. Payment in cash is normally only possible in the case of last-minute bookings and for remaining balances payable to resort properties.
  • Why can I only pay by bank transfer and not by credit card?
    For two reasons: in this way the fees charged by the credit card companies is not added to the cost of your holiday and also because the remaining balance is paid directly to the owner of the property who is unable to process credit card payments.
  • What happens if I have paid the total rental amount and I cannot come?
    In some cases and under certain conditions, a refund is permitted, however, we recommend that you read carefully our terms and conditions which provide details of the timing and circumstances in which a refund is possible.
  • Is the property insured? Is my reservation protected by ABTA/ATOL?
    ABTA only represents travel agents and tour operators. For companies that sell packages which include flights it is necessary to have an ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence) which protects the client if the tour operator fails. Since HitSicily is an internet portal and not an agent, it is not a member of any particular organisation. We recommend that you take out insurance to cover such risks and read our contract carefully.
  • 03. Arrival at the villa

  • Is it possible only to check-in on a Saturday?
    In most of the villas check-in takes place on a Saturday, especially during high season. HitSicily nevertheless will attempt to meet your requirements wherever possible (flights only available on other days of the week, etc.) so please contact us and we will be pleased to try to find a solution for you.
  • Check-in and check-out must take place at certain times?
    In general check-in must take place between 14:00 and 20:00 and check-out must take place before 10:00 in the morning to enable the owners to clean the house prior to arrival of the incoming guests. If you are unable to meet these conditions, please contact us in good time and we will try our best to meet your requirements or find an alternative solution.
  • Who must we advise of our arrival time?
    The arrival time is communicated to HitSicily via compilation of the Welcome Form which you will find in the client area of the website accessible via your password. The Form is visible also to the person responsible for welcoming you at the property who will be aware of your approximate arrival time of the property. You may access the form to modify or amend the information contained there until 48 hours prior to the start of the rental period.
  • How do we get to the property? Who will open the property and give us the keys?
    When your reservation is completed you can find directions to the property from the main airports on the island and maps in your own private area of the website. You will also find details of the contact telephone numbers of the person responsible for welcoming you and the owner of the property (in certain cases the owner of the property is responsible also for the welcome service). He/she will be responsible for meeting you upon your arrival, showing you the property and its facilities, handing over the keys and receiving the security deposit.
  • Why must I pay a security deposit? Why must in be paid in cash?
    The security deposit is a sum of money which must be given to the person responsible for the property when you check-in and will be returned to you when you check-out providing no damage to the property and fittings has occurred during your stay. The person responsible for the property will check the property with you when you check-out to determine whether any damage has occurred. If any damage has occurred, an amount equivalent to the value of the damage caused will be deducted from the security deposit and the remaining balance will be returned to you. The amount of the security deposit varies from property to property and is payable in cash. Payment in cash enables the deposit to be returned to you at the end of your stay, in full or partially if any damage has occurred (something which would not be possible if, for example, payment was made by cheque).
  • Why do some of the properties have a custodian?
    In the villas with a swimming pool and a large garden or grounds, generally there is a custodian who is responsible for maintaining the property. In all cases the custodian is trustworthy and discreet, will respect your privacy and in most cases you will hardly be aware of his presence. In the case of problems or emergencies his presence on the property can be extremely useful.
  • The properties have access for the disabled?
    Not all the properties are suitable for the disabled. In each case, where a disabled symbol is indicated in a property’s details, it means that there are no particular architectural obstacles and on this basis the property is suitable. It does not mean, however, that the property is specially equipped for the disabled.
  • 04. Your stay at the villa

  • Is there a small bed or cot for a baby?
    In most of the villas we can provide you with a small bed or a cot free of charge. Please ask us in advance!
  • Sheets and towels are provided or must I bring them with me?
    In all properties you will find: bed-linen (sheets and pillowcases); towels (small and medium-size bath towel per person; table cloths and tea towels. In some cases towels for the swimming pool are also provided. A weekly change of linen and towels is not included, however, this may be requested as an extra upon payment of an additional charge which varies from villa to villa but is normally around Euros 10.00 per person.
  • Can we bring our dog?
    Your four-legged friends are welcome at most of our villas. Please advise us in good time if you decide to bring your domestic pet with you on holiday.
  • Is it possible to arrange for items to be purchased in advance and left in the villa as we will be arriving late in the evening and the shops will already be closed?
    If you would like to find something more than just the welcome kit (mineral water, toilet paper and soap) when you arrive at the property, we are happy to offer you a shopping service. Someone will purchase the items that you require and you will find these items waiting for you when you arrive at the property. Payment for the items is then made in cash to the person responsible for the property after presentation of a receipt for the items purchased.
  • Is it possible to organise the services of a cook?
    In most of our villas it is possible to arrange for lunch and/or dinner to be prepared by a cook. It is necessary to book this service in advance. The cost is usually Euros 100.00 per meal, excluding the cost of ingredients and drinks but includes going shopping and washing up after the meal. The menu can be chosen in advance according to your wishes or alternatively you may sample some of the wonderful and varied specialities that Sicily has to offer.
  • What is included in the published price? Are there extra costs?
    The published price usually includes the supply of household linen, the cost of utilities (electricity, water and gas) and cleaning of the property after your departure. Details of any additional charges that are payable on site can be found on the web page dedicated to the villa.
  • Where can I go during my stay at the villa?
    On the web page dedicated to the villa that you have selected, you can find our suggestions regarding the most beautiful places to visit in the surrounding area. There is another area of the website containing detailed information, photographs, distances to major attractions, events, etc. which you may also consult, if you wish.
  • What should we do if something breaks or needs to be repaired during our stay?
    1. First of all call the person responsible for the property indicated on the voucher.
    2. If you are unable to contact them, call the owner of the property on the telephone numbers indicated on the voucher.
    3. If you are also unable to contact the owner, call us.