The most beautiful beaches

A trip to discover the most beautiful beaches of Sicily, among famous beaches with elegant lidos, small comfortable and quiet beaches, wild and isolated beaches

Sicily has about 930 km of coast with more than 100 beaches with characteristics which are very different one from the other. The Sicilian coast is very variegated: jagged and full of inlets in some points and very open and rocky in others. Large stretches of rocky coast alternate with sandy coasts and gulfs. The morphology of the soil changes according to its origin, so rocks and beaches have very different compositions. The few beaches of fine white sand are concentrated primarily to the east of Trapani and to the south of Syracuse. In the areas of Cefalù, Agrigento and Ragusa we find mostly beaches of fine golden sand and beaches of sand mixed with gravel. West of Messina, along the northern coast, there are beaches of sand mixed with grey coloured gravel which alternate with beaches of pebbles. To the east and in the area of Catania on the Ionian Sea there are beaches of medium and large-size pebbles and a few stretches of coast with grey sand mixed with gravel. In particular, in the area north of Catania there are often beaches of dark stones of volcanic origin.