Cefalù, a delightful seaside resort of medieval origin

The seaside resort of Cefalù is located 70 kilometres east of Palermo in the centre of the north coast of Sicily and is one of the 15 municipalities which form the Madonie National Park. Cefalù is included in the group of The Most Beautiful Towns in Italy, an exclusive selection of small towns noted for their artistic, cultural and historic interest, for the harmony of their urban infrastructure and for the quality of life and facilities available to their inhabitants. The origins of Cefalù date back to pre-history. The Greeks gave it its current name and the subsequent Roman, Byzantine, Arab and Norman occupations left their mark on the medieval historic centre with its narrow streets cobbled with stones from the beach and limestone from the nearby mountain and imposing Fortified Cathedral constructed in the town's main square by Roger II in 1131. The town is adorned with numerous palaces, churches, monastries and chapels, some of the most important examples of which are the Itra, Santa Maria della Catena, Santo Stefano or Chiesa del Purgatorio, Chiesa di S.S. Salvatore, Palazzo Arcivescovile, Osterio Magno, Palazzo Pirajno and the medieval baths. The town also contains an important museum, the Museo Mandralisca, which hosts an archeological collection, a collection of monetary artefacts and an art gallery. Cefalù still retains its picturesque small harbour, located close to the small beach inside the town and complete with traditional wooden fishing boats which are painted by the local fishermen. There are numerous meeting-places and restaurants in the town, however, we suggest that you only go to those that are recommended in the guide books. The sea here is crystal-clear and there are some beautiful beaches in the area such as the Kalura, Mazzaforno and Settefrati.

Cefalù is located 45 minutes by car from Palermo inside the Madonie National Park.

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